The HIIT Bundle

  • Celebrating the launch of the all-new FitXR HIIT Studio, this accessory bundle brings together The Dri-Fit Headband, The Ice Towel, and The Flip-top Water Bottle to keep you dry, cool, and hydrated.

    The Dri-Fit Headband
    The Dri-Fit Headband is made from Spandex to give you the ultimate in comfort whilst working out in your VR Headset. With a double-layered wicking material, it will soak up your sweat whilst keeping you feeling dry and comfortable throughout your workout.

    The Ice Towel
    Our Ice Towel is as clever as your VR headset! Made from a wicking polyester/spandex mesh fabric, once dampened with water it will feel like it has come straight from the fridge and will retain temperature for around 2 hours. The perfect product to help you cool off when you are feeling the burn from a FitXR class. Simply soak, wring and shake to activate.


    It comes in a smart, easy-to-pack silicon case with a carabiner clip so it can be easily attached to your headset carry case or kit bag.

    The Flip-top Water Bottle
    Our sporty water bottle is perfectly designed for a FitXR workout. At 640ml capacity it holds just enough liquid to keep you hydrated throughout the session and with a clever flip lid and straw it will allow you to sip your drink without ever having to lift your VR cover.

  • The Dri-Fit Headband

    1. Colour: Black
    2. 80% polyamide/20% spandex, 180gsm
    3. Dimensions: 23cm x 7.5cm

    The Ice Towel

    1. Colour: Black
    2. Made from Polyester/spandex 
    3. Dimensions: 100cm x 30cm,50mm x 11.8mm

    Silicon Case (The Ice Towel)

    1. Colour: Black
    2. Dimensions: 13cm x 8cm x 5cm,50mm x 11.8mm
    3. Made from soft silicone

    The Flip-top Water Bottle

    1. Colour: Black
    2. 640ml capacity 
    3. Dimensions: 207 x 71mm diameter (86mm wide including lid ‘overhang’)
    4. AS Plastic (recyclable)

FitXR is the future of fitness, so we have decided to expand our customer experience beyond the VR Headset by creating an exclusive range of products that are designed for how you enjoy our workouts.